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Veterans for Weed is a website dedicated to the veterans who have been prosecuted, punished, or hurt by the simple fact that they smoke weed. Weed is not an enemy, and the constant aggression towards this "illicit" drug is mind boggling. Please support the cause to legalize marijuana and assist veterans who have been wrongfully punished for using it.

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Hello Fellow Potriots,

Hemp here, it has been awhile since we last updated. I have had some health issues, service connected and have been in and out of the VA Hospital these past couple months. I would like to thank those that supported and helped me. All the people I’ve been in contact with at the VA. The doctors and Nurses that nursed me back to a good healthy being. Thank all you guys, you know who you are. Things are getting better for Cannabis as more and more of you are making your voices be heard at the polls, and in your Votes for freeing cannabis, in the failed war on drugs.

During the last election, eighteen states had referendums to legalize some form of cannabis, medicinal, or recreational. More states with enlightened voters chose not to keep putting people in jail, and ruin lives for possessing a plant, or herb. It is our brave Veterans that suffer more than the average civilian. All Stoner soldiers have to get out there and vote and get as many friends and relatives to vote and spread the word, VOTE and speak out against this country’s prohibition against the Miracle herb. Google Cannabis, and then spread the word, “Free the Weed”.

I would like to try a little social experiment. All Stoner soldiers and true Potriots, and all that want to stand up and let others know how you feel about Cannabis, set your cell phone Alarms to go off at 4:20pm every day, until Cannabis is legal all over this country. Those that are familiar with the term 420, will recognize it as the call to end the war on drugs, weed to be more precise. Become a voice set your alarm to 4:20! Make your own audio with a salute to the Vets that brought Cannabis to us via the Vietnam War. The only good that came out of Nam, besides the great brave women and men that came back from it, with a pocket full of Miracles. We all brought a little weed back to the World. Now the World is talking about it and legalizing it, both cannabis and Hemp (CBD) oils.

Cannabis and Hemp are going to be the building block of Future. Fuel, paper, clothing, cars, and roads. Anything that wood and steel can build, it can, and will replace and surpass all materials of the past. CBD Hemp oil Health improvements are very positive and have been proven over and over. Call Little Jeff Sessions and leave him a voice mail, Smart people do smoke Marijuana, this why they are smarter. Remember to set your cell phone alarm for a 420 Friendly reminder!

Happy Tokes, HEMP, HEMP, HURRA!

A Phone Call to the President of the People.


Well done Potriots, your phone calls to your reps have been heard. Some are taking action. This action was boosted by your phone calls. Together our voice has spoken and it has spoken out loud. More and more are listening. Now we must use the power of the cell phone. Call our President Barak Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Tell him that he could strike down the schedule one Marijuana issue, with the stroke of a pen. Be sure to mention that over seven hundred and fifty Veterans commit suicide in this country of ours, yours and mine, a month. Yes a month. Over seven hundred and fifty Veterans take their own life. That’s about one an hour. We think that these horrible numbers can be cut in half if you, Mr. President would use your power of executive order to accomplish this humane deed. Mr. President, in all the states that have wisely approved medical marijuana the suicide rate for our brave men and women is half of what it is for the rest of the country.

Potriots, these are the representatives that have heard your voice. Do whatever you can to back them.

Earl Blumenauer, Steve Cohen, Sam Far, Paul Grijalva, Mike Honda, Jared Huffman, Barbra Lee, James p. McGovern, Allen Lowenthal, James P. Moran, Beto O’Rourke, Jared Polis, Mike Quigley, Jan Schakowsky, Eric Swalwell,Peter Welch.

If any of these forward thinking reps are from your area. Keep it in mind when you vote. Right now you must make it a mission to help our Vets by calling the Number on the site and speak your mind. If you can find other numbers to the white house let us know. If you’ve had a bad experience with the VA hospital in your area, because of cannabis, please share it with us at (, we won’t use names, or give out any personal information without your written permission. Your comments are important and do help.

We also want to thank and welcome our fellow Stoner Soldiers around the world. You guys are buzzing in from all over the world. This something that is bigger than us. We, all together, are going to change the course of history without firing a shot. Thank you, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers and even the grand mothers and fathers. If we all keep it up, we will all soon be able to say “I Smoke Pot, so what.” Just like the wise voters of Colorado, Washington and soon coming on board, Alaska and Oregon. People, call the President, do something on this issue, don’t count on someone else. Do it yourself for a change. Take the few minutes to make the call. If you get a busy signal, keep trying. Pass it on to at least ten other people, and tell them to pass it forward to ten other people. You get the idea. This is a very important issue. We have to keep talking about it. It won’t just go away, as long as we have wars. We’ll have POT POWs.


What is a Pot Pow? No he’s not a Prisoner of War he, Or she, just left a war. They fought, took bullets, some died and maybe they are the lucky ones. Just so we can stay on course with our present way of life. Now they are home and their battles have just begun. Battles that they will not be able to shoot back at.

Each and every one of them will become Pot Pow’s (Prisoners of Weed).

It’s all because our Federal Government still sees Marijuana as a class one drug offense, dangerous and deadly, and is viewed as a crime and punished by rules made up by people we elected. To the Federal Government Cannabis is a crime and that’s that. The Government, on Obama’s watch, just recently began to stop enforcing these archaic laws on the small amount personal user guy, or girl. A typical citizen that has a run in involving small amounts will get a ticket, pay a fine and be done with it. Not so for a Veteran, someone who risked their life so that we may enjoy our lives without interruption. Not so for a Veteran that relies on the VA for life support, help and for his well being. Vets get busted, and then the VA finds THC in their blood stream. From what I have witnessed, you first get a warning, the second time the warning gets a little sterner, after that they can, and most of the times do, persecute the Vet by taking away life saving medication, treatments and even benefits that they earned. They are always under scrutiny, piss tests and blood draws. As if they were on probation.

The hounding, Gestapo like, tactics have ceased in the states that have approved medical Mastates that haven’t yet had the brains to rijuana use. That is twenty one states. In those join the other smarter states; Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia and Texas are the worst on our Veterans. You can’t really blame the VA, they must follow Federal Laws. That is why “We the People” must step in and demand the change. So that Vets all over, this once great country, get the same respect as the Vets in these legal states. Call your law makers and tell them, you put them in office you can take them out. All they have to do is take pot off the dangerous drug list. So all Vets can be treated universally the same, and not live in fear. Us Wisconsinites must call and show their support for what, Melissa Sargent, a democratic representative out of Madison with some brains, is doing. She is pushing a bill AB810 to let the people of Wisconsin vote on the legal, or not pot issue. Isn’t this the kind of thing that our brave men and women, who fought and died for it, would have wanted?

You say you support the Troops. Well then get up off your butt and make that call.

Over twenty four Veterans a day commit suicide in this country. That is one every hour. Some say it is more like thirty an hour. Even as I write this, a Vet is taking his own life. Did you hear the bullet he just put through his head. Did you hear him take his’, or hers’ last breath. We can put a stop to it! We together have to stand for our Vets and say enough is enough. Here is the phone number you can call to send a message to your legislators 1-202-456-1111, 9AM to 5PM. Surely, you cell phone users can use up a minute, or two for the sake of the Veterans. Be prepared to give out your name and address, so they connect you to the proper Reps. so your congressmen and senators can be identified. These are the Law makers that should represent you. Call them and let them know how you feel about the plight our Veterans face, because of the federal Marijuana laws. If they do not take a stand to help our Vets, and really all of us in the long run, let them know that you will consider voting differently this time around. Sound like you mean it, because you do. We owe it to our Vets especially to those that died for us and those that are still dying by their own hand. We can't just sit and pray the problem away. We, each and every one of us, must get involved. Get the word out. We are Mad as hell, and we won't stand for anymore abuse, all because of a little pot. You don't want to end up a Pot POW (Prisoner of Weed). You have a chance to be part of history! Legalizing Marijuana across this wonderful country will be historical. You’ll be able to tell your grandchildren you helped the army of Pot Patriots, “Potriots”, change the law of the land without firing a shot. Become a Stoner Soldier, don’t end up a Pot POW, or stand by and watch as it happens to others. Stand up and Support the troops we send off to die for us. They need our help now. Do it now, right after you read this, make that phone call. Let the Federal Government know whom it is that they work for, THE PEOPLE! One last note, this was found on a hill top in Nam, 1969, scribbled on the back of an envelope after a battle, where eighteen brave boys lost their lives to protect their brother next to them and our way of life.

The World is a beautiful Place Full of things called the Human Race Their life is short, but to the point. It’s Either learn to shoot straight, or roll a joint, But it’s more than shooting at flying geese It is their fellow man they KILL FOR PEACE!

We Must Free the Weed and our Veterans. We owe a great gratitude to our Vietnam Vets. They brought the only good thing that came out of Vietnam back with them. All the troops that were there, not just American troops, Canada had troops there, along with Australia, and England.

Just like me, those that had a Marijuana wake-up call, made sure to bring some home with them. There were no sniffing dogs, no TSA pat downs; no one had a clue to what a “towel”, or joint, was. To a civilian a joint was a bar. Well, we and all other Vets from the other countries brought it home and turned our friends onto it in mass, in turn they passed the joint on to their friends. The same way we shared joints in Nam. Eight to ten guys would find a nice empty bunker during a lull in the rear, where we rest and recuperate. Ten guys one joint. We passed it around, instead of everyone lighting up. That way if someone slipped through, like an officer, or someone else outside of our little group of trusted comrades, you would just ditch the one joint. Someone would most likely swallow it. And to this day that’s how everyone that smokes pot does it. They share and pass it around.

It is to these Vets, we owe all of it to. They were the Vets and pioneers that spread the seed. Many went to jail, or prison. Lives were ruined, but they didn’t stop. They kept right on defying the law and smuggling it into the country. Then came HIGHTIMES in 1974, teaching us how to grow pot. Many started to grow it, while doing so, learned because of HIGHTIMES, how to grow hybrids, with cloning and coming up with generations of weed that is far more potent today. We should salute all these pioneers. Without them, there would be no Cannabis Cup, or medical pot.

Thank you Veterans for brining it home with you from Vietnam. Turns out the only good thing that came out of Vietnam was “Marijuana”. We can all say Thank You by making that call to your representatives. Parade Rest.

See ya at Denver’s cannabis cup!

Step It Up!

Today’s Pot tokers are tomorrow’s law makers. The future will see us eating Cannabis. Once it is found to have a profound health benefit, we will be adding it to our food groups. But for right now, it is still largely against the law for the average Jane, or John Doe. We won in Washington, and Colorado, but they are just tiny steps. We are going to have to start route stepping. People please contact your law makers and voice your concerns against the brutal pot laws, that only the working poor get slammed with. You say you support the troops. This would be one good way. Make your opinion mean something. Don't just talk about it. Be a Pot Patriot! As you can now say in Colorado “I smoke Pot So What", is something we should be able to say all over this great land of ours. Women and men died in battle to preserve these freedoms. It would be a pity to let them and future soldiers down.

Happy Holidaze!

Congratulations to the Pot Patriots in Colorado, and also to the Stoner Soldiers in Washington state, for standing up for your rights and shouting out "I smoke pot so what!"

"This is one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind."

-Neal Armstrong

Onward Stoner Soldiers

Hello and Welcome once again to the VFWU as we continue to work towards the legalization of Marijuana. The site hasn't done much lately, and part of that is that one of the main updaters and writers for the site will be leaving soon to start graduate school. Yes, despite the stereotypes behind everyone who supports the legalization of weed, there are even graduate students and doctors who do so. Our opinions are not performed by knee jerk reactions, but by intelligent people who have come to rational decisions.

That being said, anyone who has an interest in the site should take the initiative now and get involved. We can use intelligent people like yourselves to throw in a helping hand, write a couple articles, or otherwise assist in making the site bigger and better than it was. If you are interested, all it will take is an email and a sample of your work and we may want to feature what you have to say on our site.

So in the end, this site is all about the people who come to it, any feedback, assistance, and ideas that you bring to the table will only help in our fight to legalize Marijuana. Please email us at if you want any more information about how you can help us in the fight to legalize marijuana. I look forward to hearing from you!

A Response to our Emailers

Over the next few days, we would like to look at and provide each of you the appropriate response you deserve, but in the meantime I felt the desire to post a response for anyone and everyone who visits the site. We’ve recently received an influx of emails. Many people responded with polite inquiries and support for the legalization of weed while others responded with scorn and animosity.

The source of uproar? The Prisoner of Weed Flag, which depicts the PoW Flag with a weed smoking twist. For those of you who have no interest in this site and made no effort to even read what we’re about, and I suspect that is many, I will start off by saying we have no plans to remove this logo. The fact that you are here, angry by the message it displays, is the very reason we created this flag in the first place. The PoW flag is not copyrighted and is open property. It is a gift for all Americans, to do with as they see fit.

We love Veterans. And the PoW flag has just as much meaning to us as anyone else. Hemp Solo himself fought in Vietnam in two tours, and only knows too well what it was like to lose comrades in battle. It is because of our love of Veterans, and the flags that represent them, that lead us to making this site. What you declare a desecration, we declare exercising the very freedoms that Veterans fought for.

If you’re here, and you’re angry, then perhaps you could understand the anger we feel when men, good men, who fought in wars, end up in prison for possession of a drug that for all intents and purposes should be legal.

We did not alter the PoW flag lightly, or because we were high. We take it very seriously. As far as fighting the good fight, we fight for the legalization of marijuana, and we use the tools available to us. As long as you’re here, take the opportunity to stay a while. Read about weed and learn. I have heard much prejudice and discrimination from some of these emails, so I suspect that you may be surprised by what you find. If you’re too angry at our site, then try another. The information is literally everywhere. It is more important that you open your eyes and find the information, than that you simply look at our site.

As regards to the PoW flag, it stays. Because speaking against a politician, burning a flag, or using it to make a message is one of the most American things you can do, and we believe it is the best way to honor our veterans, who have made so many sacrifices for us.

Thank you for visiting and Semper High.

P.S. Many of you mentioned problems with the contact us page. Our IP made changes to their site that broke it. Thanks for letting us know, I have removed the form until it can be redesigned. You can still contact us via email as you have been.

The Bong Stops Here

Happy New Year and thank you for joining us again on the continued fight for the legalization of marijuana. Were still here and we are still fighting for our right to smoke weed. For those of you who are new to the sight, take a look around. We have the occational blog that might get you thinking, memorabilia in our store to help you start spreading the word, and stories if you'd like to hear them. We do this not for ourselves, but for veterans from every war who have suffered, fought, and died for our country, but when the veterans come home they get victimized by the government for smoking weed, one of the best treatments for post traumatic stress disorder.

Those of you who are familiar with us are probably wondering what we plan on doing this year to help fight the good fight. The first thing we plan on doing is making a harder push to get the word out there. We are going to start putting out fliers and panthlets and nearby businesses who are willing to display them to start getting the message. We plan to have an official mail your congressman day on March 25th, where everyone is welcome to join us in mailing your congressman about your passion for the legalization of weed. Hundred letters over the course of a year can easily be forgotten and overlooked, but a hundred letters in a single day will strongly get the message across. I previously posted prewritten letters for people that couldn't quite come up with the best way to word it, which I will be posting an updated copy of.

Either way, if you have been putting off mailing your congressman for some time, or even if you just mailed your congressmen last week, let's all get together and start pushing for the legalization of Marijuana. March 25th, mark your calenders.

Keep Up The Good Fight

There is always news on the battle for the legalization of weed. Although some battles have been won, weed carriers are still being prosecuted and punished for possessing weed. In recent times, even Willie Nelson and Antoine Dodson (Youtube star) have recently been fined for possession, proving that even celebrities are not immune from the governments misplaced policies. Furthermore, President Barrack Obama has stated his opinion on Weed, which is that he does not support it's legalization.

All isn't lost however, as several politicians are planning on proposing a bill that allows each individual state to set their own marijuana policies. If this bill can get through, more progressive states may allow for the legalization of weed. Once these states prove that the legalization of weed doesn't lead to increases of crime, drug use, and degredation of society, weed's acceptance in society will eventually grow. The fight isn't over yet, and now is really the perfect time to start pushing for the legalization of weed. We need politicians in the office that understand what freedom is, and push to fight for it. If things fall in our favor, we could very well see the legalization of marijuana over the next ten or so years.

We aren't a news site, but if you are interested in learning more about weed the progress this nation has grown on the fight for legalization, check out Cannabis News which you can access here.

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